About Yuki

Yuki Sugawa

Yuki and Kuu in forest
Sydney, Australia

Animals are my passion.
Since I was little, animals were always there for me. I remember very well about my first encounter with animal – a cat called Minnie. Minnie lived with me, and she later gave birth to several kittens and two of them became my dear friends. I played house with them a lot. The experience I had with these cats were so special. At the age of 5, I made up my mind to work with animals. At the time, working at a pet store was the only job I knew that I could work with animals, and it was my dream job. I could not imagine then that I would be an animal communicator.

Childhood drawing "my dream job"
My drawing of “dream job” at the age of 5

Animal communication has been a lifelong journey.
I was born in Japan, and I spent a half of my life in Japan and the other half in Australia. Over time, my childhood dream was buried. Until recently, I worked as an antitrust lawyer at international law firms in Tokyo and Sydney. I was passionate about serving the community and the society using my legal skills, but somewhere in me, I knew that I have not been true to myself and I am missing something very important.

I resigned from my job as I really needed to know what it was that I was always searching for in my life. Surprisingly, my life started to quickly unfold since then. I finally recalled my childhood dream and realised what I was truly passionate about. Miracle after miracle, I had the chance to learn animal communication from an internationally known animal communicator, Ms Amelia Kinkade. With her direct guidance and mentorship, I was certified as a professional animal communicator and issued a certificate by her school The Language of Miracles Institute.

It was nothing more than a miracle.
My dear family dog Poochan passed in 2008. I then had terrible guilty feelings about the things I could not do for him. I just wanted to say “I am sorry” to Poochan. Of course, I had more things that I wanted to tell him, but at the minimum, I wanted to covey just one phrase “I am sorry”. I then came across animal communication and a book. It was a book written by Amelia called “The Language of Miracles”. I did not proceed with learning animal communication at the time because of work and study that were happening, but I now know it was not the best timing for me. There is no way that I could imagine that, after more than 10 years, I would have the chance to learn animal communication from Amelia. Also, there is no way that I could imagine that her school would be called “The Language of Miracles”! Poochan planted a seed in me in 2008. It was the greatest gift in my life.

Love is a miracle itself.
Through a number of cases that I have done to date, I came to understand how much we, humans, love our animals and how much our animals love us. I am touched each time when I feel genuine, beautiful energy from animals and their humans. There is sometimes misunderstanding between human and animal, and I see it like misunderstanding that could happen from cultural differences or language differences. It is my role to be a bridge between the different cultures and to be a translator of the different languages.

My strength lies in connecting with the energetic body of animal such as connecting with animals who have been unwell, animals who are in spirit, and animals who are missing. Not limited to cats and dogs, I can communicate with any species of animals.

Love is the most powerful energy, and it can heal us and bring peace and harmony.
Love is a miracle itself.

If we want our species to survive, if we are to find meaning in life, if we want to save the world and every sentient being that inhabits it, love is the one and only answer.

– Albert Einstein –

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