Animal Communication

What is animal communication?

The primary communication method of animals is telepathy.

As an example, you eat a piece of carrot. Even if you do not know the word “carrot”, you know its smell, shape, texture and flavour. You may also have a particular emotion attached to the experience of eating the piece of carrot. You eat it with many pieces of information. The animal may tell me the word “carrot”, but they may instead show me the orange colour or let me know the texture, shape and flavour. We can still exchange information and talk to each other without words. I believe this is a unique characteristic of telepathic communication.

Each animal communicator receives information differently. For me, I am more likely to receive information through hearing (clairaudience). My physical hearing abilities were out of the ordinary since I was small. I recently realised that my physical hearing abilities were the reflection of my strength in telepathic communication.

My role is to pass on to the client exactly what I received from their animal. It is similar to the role of translator. I do not interpret or analyse the animal’s messages in my own way. I understand it is the best interest of the client and the animal that the client receive raw information. If necessary, I am happy to assist the client with interpretation but I never force my interpretation.

Examples of situations where animal communication may be helpful:

  • You want to ask certain questions to your animal
  • You have something that you want to tell your animal
  • You want to know the reason for your animal’s behaviour
  • You want to ask your animal about his/her health and wellbeing
  • You want to talk to your animal in spirit.
  • You want to know whether your in-spirit animal will come back to you.
  • You want to know the safety of your missing animal and where the animal is.
  • You want to know the relationship between your animal and your other animals.
  • You want to know the past lives of your animal.

What does a consultation involve?

I will connect with your animal based on the photos and questions that I received. I will then send you a written report by email. I can do an in-person consultation if you live in Sydney.

The means of communication may be different in the case of tracking a missing animal. In addition to email, I may use WhatsApp, texts or Facebook Messenger.

I may do energy work or healing if the animal feels the need of it. If this happens, I will not charge any extra fee for this. If you think that your animal needs deeper healing, you may also want to consider reiki healing.



AUD 200 / USD 160

This includes:

  • time to connect with animal (up to 8 questions)
  • a written report
  • if necessary, energy work or healing

* This consultation can be for those animals presently on earth or those animals in spirit.
* It can take 4 to 7 days, but it may take longer depending on the questions and workload.

Tracking a missing animal

AUD 200 / USD 160

This includes:

  • time to connect with animal
  • time to report the communication
  • map dowsing (ie, tracking the energy of animal)
  • follow-ups (generally up to two times)
  • if necessary, energy work or healing

* In a missing animal case, animal communication has a supportive role and it is essential that the guardian is taking a proactive approach in searching for their animal. It is not guaranteed that the animal will be found through this consultation.


AUD 240 (90 minutes)

This includes:

  • time to connect with the animal in advance
  • time to connect with the animal and answer questions in real time
  • if necessary, energy work or healing

* In-person consultation is available in Sydney only.
* There will be a charge for travel outside my local area (Wentworth Point NSW). Please contact me to arrange a consultation.

How to make a booking

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Terms and Conditions

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Please send the following information to

  1. Information about your animal (name, gender and age)
  2. List of your questions
  3. Photo(s) of your animal (preferably directly looking at the camera and with no one else in the view)

Please make a payment via PayPal below.

If you are in Australia, bank transfer is also available (please make a note in your email).