Reiki Healing for Animals

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing. It is the energy of love from the universe. It enhances self-healing power and promotes the wellbeing of spirit, mind and body.

Healing occurs differently with each animal, and it happens in the most beneficial way for the animal.

We, humans and animals, are originally energy. We have physical bodies as vehicles to carry our energy.
What is happening at the energetic level is reflected in the physical body. For example, disharmony in the energetic body will appear as illness in the physical body.

We are naturally born with powerful self-healing powers. Reiki helps promote our self-healing powers and helps revert to our original harmonious state.

In the case of animals, however, we need to be mindful that they are easily affected by the energy of their humans (eg, guardians and family members). It is important for humans to be mindful of their own energy (emotions) when they live with animals. The wellbeing of humans is very closely linked with the wellbeing of their animals. For this reason, in animal communication, we often talk about the emotional blockages of the client and the family.

Reiki can be applied to a wide range of situations. Below are some examples of the situations where Reiki can be effective.

Examples of situations where Reiki can be effective:

  • The animal is not feeling well
  • The animal has health concerns
  • The animal is emotionally unstable
  • The animal has illness
  • There is a big change in the animal’s life
  • The animal is in stressful environment
  • To enhance self-healing power
  • To accelerate recovery from illness or injury
  • To alleviate anxiety and fear
  • For emotional detoxification
  • To assist with the animal’s passing

What does a reiki healing session involve?

I will send reiki energy to your animal for a set duration or a series of set durations. In-person healing session is available if you live in Sydney.

I will let you know by email when I finish each healing session. I will also note in my email any messages that I received from the animal, the universe or any guardian spirits.


Remote reiki healing (60 minutes) AUD 75 / USD 60
Remote reiki healing (60 minutes x 3 times) AUD 200 / USD 160
Remote reiki healing (60 minutes x 5 times) AUD 310 / USD 250
In-person reiki healing (60 minutes) – Sydney only AUD 100 + travel cost*
* There will be a charge for travel outside my local area (Wentworth Point NSW). Please contact me to arrange a session.

How to make a booking

Please follow the steps below to make a booking.

Terms and Conditions.

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Please send the following information to

  1. Information about your animal (name, gender and age)
  2. Brief description of what you would like the healing to focus on (eg, a specific body part, illness etc)
  3. Photo(s) of your animal (preferably directly looking at the camera and with no one else in the view)

Please make a payment via PayPal below.

If you are in Australia, bank transfer is also available (please make a note in your email).