Purple flowers in hands

I so appreciate all of your communication with Winnie and the insights and messages you have gifted me with. I really will take to heart her wanting me to have more fun in my life and share that with her. The slant of my life has always leaned heavily towards discipline, responsibility, hard work, etc. often, unbalanced!! So she is really inviting me to explore and nurture another dimension of life!
Yesterday I took her to the vet. Her red blood cell count is up to 35!! Her eating is improving, and and she coming back to her old, brighter self. I will check in with the vet again next week. And definitely experiment with more foods that are rich in iron.
I will also send you pictures of her to keep you updated and definitely contact you if the need arises around any health needs or desire for further communication.
I feel so blessed to have found you and to have had you be part of her healing.
With a deep bow of gratitude and love from both of us!

April 2022
United States

Coby photo

Yuki is such a kind gentle and caring soul who really does dive deep with your animals on a soul level.
I have had a few wonderful readings with her and our dogs, the connection she makes and the way she translates is just beautiful! Thank you Yuki for giving us the gift of speaking with our animals.

February 2022
Queensland, Australia

Lavender flowers

Yuki is amazing!!

We lost our little cat on the 27th of Dec. She had never been out for more than a day, so after the second day day we started the search. We did everything we could, you name it (post in fb and Instagram, call pounds, vets, letter to neighbours also speaking to them, posters, look for her day and night calling her with food) we did it all.

Then a friend just recommended me to look in to Yuki’s website. The response from her was immediate (even though was a public holiday). So easy to reach out to her through the phone. Her energy was amazing since the beginning, gave me hope and actually help me to relax as I was devastated and tired. She gave me some guidance and advice and what I could do to find her while she was able to connect to my cat.

Once she had news, she called me to inform me how she was, where possible she could have been gone and what she was doing. This was a relief for me in the first instance as I could know she was alive.

Yuki also was able to transmit to our little girl the message to come back home if she was able to do so. She contacted her twice that day and the next one.

Suddenly our baby cat came back home the next day. Like she knew what was happening.

I only regret not to contacted Yuki earlier, but it really worth it!!! I cannot recommend it enough.

I’m immensely grateful.

January 2022
Brisbane, Australia

Niko photo

I would highly recommend Yuki to anyone who wants to connect and understand their animal better. The time and effort Yuki puts into the connection is proof that she deeply cares about animals and their humans. She was able to let me know my dog’s needs accurately and also impart beautiful, profound spiritual messages from my dog. She is a true gift to the world.

December 2021
Maine, United States

Bonnie photo

Yuki communicated with my little dog Bonnie and provided a very extensive and complete report for Bonnie and I. I could not be more pleased with her explanations and the direction and suggestions she provided. I received more help from her then I have from ‘ trainers ‘ who worked with me in person.
Yuki discussed things with me on zoom and answered my questions in great detail. I felt very heard by her. I found her to be extremely dedicated to her work.
Yuki’s heart is in what she does.
Bonnie’s and my life are so much better since we met Yuki.
Wee Bonnie is happier and so am I.
Yuki helped me to see what my dog needs from me …
Thanks to Yuki’s connection with Bonnie … I now know
what Bonnie needs and I feel so much happy in my role as Bonnie’s human parent.

December 2021
British Columbia, Canada

Delilah photo

Delilah our fur baby and we are so thankful to have met Yuki who has incredible spiritual and soulful connection with animals. She not only helped us connect with our fur baby using her animal communication power but also used Healing energy on Delilah to heal her from heavy energy. Yuki provided comprehensive report about Delilah soul, thoughts, reason for her health issue and also let us know what Delilah expects from us. We observed that by end of fifth day Delilah was more happier and cheerful playful herself as she used to be before. We realised the small things we changed in our lives as advised in report not only helped Delilah heal emotionally & improve her health but also improved our emotional state. Thank you Yuki for your amazing incredible power to communicate with animals and heal through them. We highly recommend her service.

October 2021
Sydney, Australia
(Google review reproduced with permission)

Koko photo

Yuki is a very special person. She has an exceptional ability to connect with animals and has shown herself to be very accurate in her communications. Very insightful, reliable and caring. It is quite evident the amount of time and effort she puts into assessing your pet given the quality of both written and verbal presentations. I highly recommend Yuki and if I could I would give her 10 stars.

November 2021
Florida, United States
(Google review reproduced with permission)